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Meet the "T" in T. Lake

T. Lake President Tim Lake shares his passions.

My Passion: Looking back, I would have to say that my passion for landscape architecture came from a growing up in Dublin, Georgia – an area rich with natural wonders. As a child, I was often captivated by what I saw in nature: raw materials, fertile farmland, flowing streams. I associated being outdoors with a sense of wellbeing and it’s that feeling I strive to bring to my clients today.

Early in my life I knew that my connection to the environment and - my desire to preserve it - would help guide my career path, yet at the time I did not know that a profession like landscape architecture existed. Because I was always inspired by the relationships between people and the land, attending college to become a professional landscape architect seemed like a natural path for me. I could not have known then, that this profession would bring so much inspiration to my life, and later to my employees.My Southern upbringing and love of tradition mixed with a formal education in the elements of land planning and architecture set the foundation for T. Lake Environmental Design and it is my distinct pleasure to serve clients all over the Southeast. It is largely because of my connection to the geography of this region that I take such pride in creating landscapes that are functional, sustainable and true to the area.

I also believe in giving back and my passion for landscape design and architecture allow me to do that in a unique way. Whether it’s working with the Boy Scouts, or seeing a once struggling town revitalized from an urban streetscape project; knowing that I played a hand in reconnecting people with the land brings me a sense of purpose. I am inspired everyday by family, music, my employees and colleagues and I am honored to be able to do what I love for a living.

What makes Tim tick:

Where does the inspiration for T. Lake’s unique approach to landscape architecture come from?
One of my inspirations comes from famous landscape architect A. E. Bye who believed that landscape design should be approached from a “broad stroke” perspective. This idea - that what is done to one piece of the land will affect all the other pieces - has long been a building block for the work created at T. Lake Environmental Designs. We like to look at projects from a distance, see how the hills, lakes, or pathways relate to each other and then design a project based on creating a cohesive link between them.

How has growing up in the South affected the work you do at T. Lake?
I would say being raised in the South has affected every aspect of who I am and the work that we do at T. Lake. My childhood included the perfect mixture of playing in the woods and taking part in Southern traditions like Quail hunting – something I still enjoy today. These experiences absolutely led me to become a landscape architect and create T. Lake Environmental Designs.

I also learned a lot about the value of hard work, and I come from a long line of people that believe in working until the job is done. This work ethic was instilled in me early and its something I look for in all of my employees as well. We all take great pride in being honest in what we do. That means that, above all, we do what we say we will do and we never sacrifice the integrity of a project or the land for the sake or doing business.

T. Lake is often involved in community service projects, how has this passion developed your company?
The team at T. Lake is blessed to be able to play an active role in helping communities and individuals through both our projects and community service objectives. I am passionate about the Boy Scouts of America and often give my time to this organization.

One of the most gratifying things about the work we do at T. Lake is that we help people take ownership of their land. Its like when I drive past a park that we have worked on and see families enjoying that environment, or when a town that used to be empty and dilapidated thriving again from a revitalized downtown. I get so much joy from knowing that we played a part in giving people an area to enjoy.

Teamwork is a clear objective at T. Lake, how have you built such a winning team?

At T. Lake, we invest in our employees. I’ve always believed in surrounding myself with people that have a winning attitude and desire for self improvement. Accountability and giving back to the community are wired into my personality and I’m lucky to have a team of people at T. Lake that believe in the same. We are constantly driven to be our best and we work together to support each other and our communities.